Prospective Coordinator Frequently Asked Questions

Why be an EPC? SHARE! Exchange Program Coordinators are committed to facilitating a greater understanding among world cultures and proving that communication is the key to tolerance and peaceful coexistence. As an EPC, you are our all important link into local communities and a spokesperson for student exchange in your town as you liaison with schools, host families and community groups.

What is involved? The EPC is intimately involved with many of the details that surround this cross-cultural home stay experience. Coordinators help match families with visiting students. They also communicate with local schools to make preparations for the visiting student’s arrival. During the school year, the EPC meets regularly with both students and families, providing guidance and support to help insure that the experience is going as smoothly as possible.

What are the qualities of a successful EPC? The job requires a unique blend of dedication, awareness, energy, problem solving skills and a commitment to achieving the goals SHARE! has so successfully pursued over the course of its history. If you’ve never worked with teenagers, then you will come to understand the importance of patience and listening in counseling these young adults. Humor and good organizational skills will likewise serve you well.

How will I be compensated? SHARE! EPCs are independent contractors and will be issued a 1099 at the end of each calendar year. EPCs receive a Placement Documentation Fee of $200 for each student that they place after all required paperwork is submitted. After the students arrive EPCs are further compensated monthly on a per-student basis.

Are there incentives, rewards or bonuses? Rewards are an ongoing and exciting component of teamwork at SHARE! We conduct games and contests and reward EPCs for personal goal achievements and other objectives via cash awards, points, gifts, gift certificates and other fun and innovative incentives. Learn more about team incentives via the weekly newsletter and e-memo sent to all SHARE! EPCs.

What’s this I heard about a free trip?! 25 Incentive Points are earned by EPCs per student that they place with a host family. Once 300 points are earned, they can be used to take the SHARE! Incentive Trip – a 5-day, 4-night overseas adventure (or they can be exchanged for a bonus of $1000). Recent trips have included Germany, France, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Belgium, Turkey, Ecuador and Thailand.image